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"MSK  Radiology Club" RR tests

  1. Click on a jazz player and open a rapid reporting test. 

  2. Scroll through the images of the test. Do not forget that 12-18 cases are normal. You have 35 min to complete the test.

  3. Although you cannot resize or window the images, you will be able to spot the abnormality (hopefully!). Prefer to take the test with the lights down and on a big screen.

  4. As soon as you have done the test download the answers (pdf link on the test page).

  5. New tests will be uploaded regurarly.  Please feel free to contact me if you spot any errors.

  6. If you feel like listening to relaxing jazz music during the tests click HERE

Louis Armstrong 

Oscar Peterson

Miles Davis

Count Basie

Ben Webster

Billie Holiday

John Coltrane

Nina Simone

Duke Ellington

Lester Young

Benny Goodman

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