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Image guided injections:



Ultrasound guided inejction within the acromioclavicular joint for pain relief. Please note the needle entering the joint from the right-hand side of the video followed by the injection of the "whitish" steroid-local anesthetic mixture.

Fluoroscopic guided injection into the hip joint. The intra-articular position of the needle is confirmed with the use of iodine contrast (dye). The contrast (black areas) outlines the medial and lateral edges of the femoral neck.

Image guided joint injections usually take approximatelly 30 minutes. They are performed under ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance in order to properly position the needle into the joint.

Inflamed soft tissue structures, painful large or small joints as well as various areas around the spine can be injected for both diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Various injectables can be used.

Details about any preparation needed, the injection technique, the benefits and complications of the procedure or any post-procedural instructions will be given by your doctor before the injection.

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