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  1. Voted Radiology Trainer of the Year 2016 from the radiology registrars and nominated also for the Shine Award 2016 for the most inspiring educator of the year at the Wessex Deanery.

  2. Awarded Certificate of Merit at ECR 2016 for the presentation: Sonographic appearances of benign soft tissue lumps and bumps. Hints and tips for differential diagnosis. I. Katsimilis, C. Lord, R. Kulanthaivelu, V. T. Skiadas. ECR 2016

  3. Awarded Poster prize at ESSR 2015 for the presentation: The “whys and wheres” of metal work around the shoulder N. Purohit, I. Katsimilis, R. Ray, N. J. Menon, V. T. Skiadas, M.Sampson. ESSR 2015

  4. The paper entitled “MRI characteristics of cysts and “cyst-like” lesions in and around the knee: what the radiologist needs to know”. E Perdikakis, V Skiadas., published in Insights into Imaging in 2013, has received 2.892 downloads in 2013 and was therefore awarded an "Insights into Imaging Most Downloaded Paper Award 2013".

  5. Awarded Poster prize at ESSR 2011 for the presentation: V Skiadas. Anterior knee pain. A pictorial essay.

  6. Awarded with the 3rd prize at the 22nd World Congress of International Union angiology (24-28/6/2006) in Lisbon, Portugal for the presentation: E. Dimakakos, A. Koureas, V. Koutoulidis, V. Skiadas, K. Katsenis, A. Gouliamos, L. Vlachos. Interstitial magnetic resonance lymphography: is it a new method for the diagnosis of lymphedema?


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